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5It's a bit of a private hotel. A charming hotel. Without walls or roofs. Unobstructed view. 360°. Choose your room, sleep in it, open or close your eyes, listen, sleep, fall asleep. We propose landscapes to see and hear, inside and outside landscapes. Day or night.

During the day, we offer our Nap Paths.  There is no booking. A person is there to guide clients wishing to take a nap. A sound piece is playing. A cellist plays and sings. A sound designer composes a live piece with her. Echoes of songs, sounds coming from the house next door or distant memories, real landscapes enhanced, appearance of sound landscapes like in a dream... a horse galloping by, a dive into a pool, an airport...

At nightfall, we invite you to share Night Bits.  Each sleeper chooses his room, in the middle of a new soundscape. When everyone is lying down, the bedside rocking begins. Words, one or several voices, a song or cello notes come to the sleepers bedside. An endless text ("Night Material"), with no beginning or no end. Whispered. A text barely addressed, which does not force the sleeper to concentrate on a story whose details should not be lost. A rocking. A voice that searches the borders of sleep. Trying to bring you towards sleep, fall into it, and come back, wake, and rock again.